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True classics never go out of style, and the WAECO TC range of fridge freezers certainly fall into line with this theory.

The unique feature that sets these units apart from anything else is their ability to pull down to thirty degrees below outside temperatures and also warm food up to sixty five degrees celcius.

Not only are these remarkable units dual purpose, but the range is available for use in trucks, cars, boats as well as any outdoor camping, BBQ or poolside situation.

The TB15, is especially handy in any automobile as it has an extendable fastening rail to avoid tilting in case of a sudden stop, a fold away grid tray and can even double as a armrest.

The TCT range come in a handy portable size too that can be carried as a shoulder bag and weigh only 1.5 to 2 kilos and
If 2 kilos is still too much, there's even a "my drink" personal ac/dc unit that holds individual cans and with just a press of a button, your drink can be hot or cold.

Of course, just like all the WAECO range of fridge freezers, each unit can be run on 12 volt or 240 volt, and are constructed from the same reliable strong materials that we have come to expect from this world class manufacturer.

For more information or to check out these great products, simply call into any good camping or auto outlet.