Year of the Built Environment - Update

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As well as the New Living project Karin Pearson tells us about today, there are two more activities that have been recognised as significant in this the Year of the Built Environment. Remember, that's a West Australian initiative making us more aware of the buildings and spaces in which we live, work and play.

As HOME in WA is the official television programme for the Year of the Built Environment, we heard about the Duyvken Traineeship Program.

The CEO of the Duyfken 1606 Foundation, Peter Durrant, talks with David Grant about the Traineeship Programme, which involves Government and Local Governments nominating "At Risk" young people for Trainee positions to learn about sailing, our heritage and the community.

The other important event on the Year of the Built Environment calendar we discuss this week, is the announcement recently of the Champions of the Environment Awards.

26 West Australian's received certificates from the Governor, His Excellency Lieutenant general John Sanderson, the Patron of the Year of the Built Environment.

Recipients were selected in recognition to " those in the community who have championed improvements in the way in which we plan, design, construct and operate our urban infrastructure".

For more information on the Duyfken 1606 Foundation and in particular, the Duyfken Traineeship Programme, contact Chief Executive Officer, Peter Durrant on 9336 1606. The web address is

Further details on the Year of the Built Environment can be obtained by calling 9222 4991 or the web site at