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This Weeks Episode of Home in WA

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This Weeks Episode of Home in WA

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It's not often you come across something truly groundbreaking and innovative in the world of finance.

The Loans Café and Bank West have teamed up to offer an exclusive internet banking service to our customers. This means you can relax, have a coffee and access all the major lenders to better understand the options open to you. The use of these web terminals is free and exclusive to The Loans Café.

You can do all your internet banking by logging on to the BankWest site…. Then find out what the interest rate is from all the major banks and building societies by simply. You can see how much is available to you right at this time from all the major lenders. Then one of the staff will help you obtain the loan best suited to you.

The Loans Café broke new ground in the home loan market in Western Australia when it opened in Perth and Fremantle four years ago, and these web terminals continue their unique initiatives.

The terminals have been very successful already in both our Perth and Fremantle offices. And the fact that they have been used so extensively is a good sign that people are enjoying the relaxed atmosphere of the cafés and having the information available at their fingertips. And with those tax incentives coming up for first home buyers in just a few days time, it's certainly worth a visit.

Do your internet banking, check out the best loans on offer, receive the right advice…and have a coffee. All for free.

Another first from The Loans Café.

Just up from The Sheraton in Adelaide Terrace, and very close to the Esplanade Hotel in Marine Terrace, Fremantle.