The Water Corporation - Waterwise Rebate Scheme

This Weeks Episode of Home in WA

The Water Corporation


1300 133 646

John Tonkin Water Centre
629 Newcastle Street
Leederville WA 6002

This week, host David Grant talks with the Premier of Western Australia, Dr. Geoff Gallop about the success of the Waterwise Rebate Scheme.

Over the past 10 weeks, HOME in WA has featured many aspects of the State initiative, which is part of the WA Government's Water Strategy Incentive Program. Its aim is to encourage West Australians to become more water efficient by offering rebates for a variety of Waterwise products that can significantly reduce our domestic water use.

Dr. Gallop summarises the importance of individual awareness in the need to save our precious resource and use water wisely. The Premier advises that more than 50,000 West Australians have so far tapped into the Waterwise Rebate Scheme, helping save hundreds of thousands of water as a result.

The Waterwise Rebates are available for purchases made after 11 February 2004 and completed by 10 February 2005 (subject to Terms and Conditions)

For more information about the Waterwise Rebate Scheme, talk to your local Waterwise Garden Centre, contact the Water Corporation on 1300 133 646 or follow the link on the HOME in WA website.