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Glen Earnshaw



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10 Gibberd Road
Balcatta WA 6021

So you've picked your floor coverings, matched your kitchen cupboards to your tiles, planned a paint colour for the bedroom walls…yet there's one crucial factor that if missing, no matter how much you indulge in every other aspect of your dream home…it would all be pointless without lighting!

Home lighting is an all-important element that can turn a house into a warm and stylish place for your family to live. The Lighting City showroom, located upstairs form Ceramic City in Balcatta, has a fantastic range of lighting coupled with an experienced team who can help you realize a quality lighting plan for you home.

One example of Lighting City's commitment to service is their Lighting Design Service for homebuilders. You simply bring in your plans and the Lighting City team can help arrange a stylish lay out for your home lighting. As a bonus, the cost of this service is refunded if you choose to purchase your light fittings at Lighting City.

Lighting City has been in the business for 16 years, not only helping the individual homeowner but also supplying major homebuilders across WA. Their quality and experienced service can benefit your every lighting need!

With a showroom that's continually being updated with quality European lights exclusive to Lighting City make your way to the one place in Perth which specializes in top quality and leading designs.