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Over 30,000 roofs in Perth have been restored and revitalised by the only quality endorsed roof restoration company in Australia….PJ Roof and Wall Coatings.

What roof restoration does is not only improve the appearance of your home and weatherproof it….
It also increases the value of the property dramatically.

Wether it's clay or cement tiles, corrugated metal or asbestos….PJ's has us covered.

The first step in the PJ process is to replace or repair any broken tiles and ridge capping like this.
Any reported leaks are repaired these professional teams really get going.

One team high pressure cleans the roof…getting rid of years of damage and abuse by the elements. This clean alone makes a huge difference the appearance of the home.

The ridges are then re-pointed and re-sealed…..and a second team of experts then apply one coat of 100% acrylic sealer and then two coats of 100% acrylic coating in your choice of colour to ensure life long protection. Unlike most other companies, PJ's use two separate teams for this process to ensure Quality and integrity.

For such a small outlay, starting from only $800, these expert teams and fantastic product can add thousands of dollars to the value of your home.

PJ Roof and Wall Coatings can work these miracles at your place too. See their ads in the community press or give them a call on 9248 3888.

PJ Roof and Wall Coatings….their reputation is on the house.