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The Australian Hotels association trade show happens once a year here in Perth and if you're in the trade, it's a great way to find out what's the latest in food, furniture, technology beverages, cooking techniques and a whole lot more.

Alinta is a proud supporter of the AHA and today we checked out the Alinta kitchen and find out why most chefs prefer cooking on gas.

Guest chef Todd Gorey cooked up a storm using natural gas. He says he likes using gas because it is instant heat, reliable and you have total control over the flame. It's safe and it is economical.

He put his skills to good use and showed the HOME in WA viewers how to cook up Moroccan Meatballs - perfect for a cold winters night.

Click here for recipe

Leanne also mentioned my specialty- Lucky Les' Luscious Chicken Laksa.

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Remember, natural gas is also great for cooking at home in the kitchen or perfect for your outdoor kitchen. Perhaps the outdoor alfresco bbq area and even gas heaters throughout your home.

Simply call Alinta and get them arrange gas to your home and install gas points inside and outside and you'll never need to worry about changing a gas bottle again.