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Neighbourhood fencing can be quite a contentious issue. Until now there was always a winner and looser in which neighbour got the clean, smooth side of the fence.

Those old designs with the exposed posts and rails were a real eyesore and pain for one poor neighbour.
Well, this is Stratco's Wavelok Good Neighbour fence.

The bold striking appearance you get on one side is identical on the other side, providing good looks, clean lines, great strength and security, on both sides. Both neighbours win!

This great Good Neighbour fence comes as a do it yourself D.I.Y kit, or Stratco can arrange for one of their authorised installers to move in and do it all for you. You also have a choice of optional accessories like post caps and balls, lattice and gates.

And remember, as good as it looks on one side of the fence it looks just as great on the other.

Stratco's Good Neighbour fencing is cyclone rated and comes in sheet sizes of 2,350mm wide by 900,1200, 1500 and 1800mm high. The whole range of Startco Good Neighbour fencing is available in a wide choice of Colorbond colours.

For more information this brochure is availabe from your local Stratco Home Improvement Store.