Kalbarri Vision

This Weeks Episode of Home in WA

Richard Tay



PO Box 343
Applecross WA 6153

Kalbarri has always been a very popular holiday destination here in Western Australia, and little wonder, with its pristine beachers, dramatic gorges, and seemingle endless blue skies, Kalbarri is one of the most picturesque spots in the world.

Soon it will be home to a new development that celebrates the art of living. Kalbarri Vision will boast:

  • Botanical Gardens;

  • Art academy, gallery and studios;

  • Unique resort and clubhouse;

  • House and land packages; and

  • Land Sales
Just under 2 hours from Geraldton and six hours north of Perth, Kalbarri boasts hundreds of truly spectacular natural wonders all just a short drive from the town centre.

And although the town always attracted many tourists, until recently all but the most adventurous four-wheel-drivers had to be satisfied with just one route into Kalbarri. All that changed about four years ago with the opening of a new sealed access road that's so scenic, it's an attraction in itself.

The town itself is booming with a growing population and infrastructure and the new road has not only opened up the area for even more tourism but also for more business opportunities. And can you imagine a better place for a Seachange?

From dramatic gorges to secluded, pristine beaches the Kalbarri landscape is as unique as it is breathtaking. The mighty Murchison River has cut a tract through this rugged landscape to reveal a natural work of art in rich red and purple hues.

The attraction of Kalbarri lies not just in its amazing natural scenery. It's also renowned for its great fishing, beautiful beaches and excellent surf. And soon, it'll also be known as a centre for the arts and culture with a new development that's set to open later this year.

The development is designed to promote the 'art of living' and will boast its own Art Academy and artists' studios set amongst magnificent botanical gardens. A stylish resort will also overlook those botanical gardens and surrounding house and land packages will be designed to reflect a truly unique Kalbarri style complete with energy saving, water-wise systems and smart wiring.

And the developers of this estate appreciate that the beautiful natural surroundings of Kalbarri are its biggest asset, so instead of changing the natural landscape to suit the needs of the development, they plan to make the development suit the landscape.

It's easy to see why Kalbarri shared last year's Top Tourist Town Award. The weather is almost perfect all year round and there is so much to see and do from simple sightseeing to more adventurous pursuits. So, why not drop in and take a look for yourself. Around here, they pretty much guarantee you'll love it