Kevin Giudice & Co

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Kevin Givdice


08 9923 0088

08 9923 0077

0418 939 922

2 Newman Street
Geraldton WA 6530

Kevin Giudice is one of Geraldton's most well known and established builders.

Kevin Giudice's office is lined with a number of awards from the Master Builders Association.
Including the Master Builders Association Best Country Home award statewide.

Kevin's daughter Serena Giudice joined the company in 1999 which has added a third generation to the Building Industry in Geraldton

Kevin, Serena and Kevin Giudice & Co are proud of what they have achieved and will not stop at striving to produce the perfect home.

Since Kevin Giudice entered the housing sector he has worked continually building a reputation second to none.

His homes really are first class.

You will find so many different styled and sized homes priced from $125,000 to larger homes up to and over $700,000.

The price range of the homes may vary but the top quality work does not.

Kevin and his team relies on good old fashion service and their motto is "Where quality counts" and that just what you will find in the stunning renovations, extensions and new homes that they build.

You can find Kevin Giudice & Co on the corner of Webberton Road and Newman Street in Geraldton.

Drop in any time to find out more or you can call the office on 9923 0088.