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10 Beaver Street
Geraldton WA 6530

22 Stanhope Gardens
Midvale WA 6056

For more than 30 years, Amazzini and Son have been supplying quality blocks and pavers throughout Western Australia. When it comes to blocks and pavers you're starting at the right place if you start with Amazzini and Son.

A family owned and operated company; Amazzini and Son manufacture pavers, reconstituted limestone and earth blocks, garden edging, poolside bull-nose and masonry blocks…in fact throughout the state you'll see many examples of Amazzini & Son's work. They've just won the contract to supply building materials to the new Ellenbrook shopping centre and in the company's hometown of Geraldton much of the city's new buildings have been built with materials that have been manufactured by Amazzini and Son - Such as the new Aquarena and the Police and Citizens Youth Club.

Amazzini and Son are exclusive manufactures of the Interlink Block. An ideal way to "glam up" your garden, the Interlink Block is much lighter than traditional reconstituted limestone blocks and their ingenious interlinking design makes them a lot more space efficient – as Mel Camp and David Grant discovered when they where put to work building an island garden.

David and Mel used Interlink Blocks that had been manufactured containing a waterproof additive which protects each block from salt attack and efflorescence. Any of the Amazzini & Son blocks and pavers come with the option of containing this special additive. The Interlink Block comes in 2 different colours; red and cream and is ideal for building retaining walls and terraced gardens. The entire masterpiece took just half a day to build and including plants cost around $500...there you go, the Home in WA team are multi-skilled!

If it's a clay brick alternative you're after, look no further than Amazzini and Son's Sienna range of blocks. Made from reconstituted earth or limestone, they come in a variety of finishes and they're proving really popular with homebuilders and architects throughout the state.

You'll find agents for Amazzini and Son products all over WA from Port Hedland to Perth where they operate as City Blocks and Pavers.