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If you're building, renovating or simply looking to acquire knowledge to improve your home, Home Base Expo has a range of courses and seminars that are just what you need to complete the job confidently!

The courses are specifically structured to teach you exactly what you need to know to succeed at your home improvement projects while being enjoyable to attend at Perth's Home Base Subiaco.

This includes learning the necessary foundations to overcome and avoid common problems in home building & renovations.

Unfortunately many people fail in their home building and renovating projects because they simply did not know enough to succeed. Building & renovating should be exciting not disappointing and the Home Base Expo courses can help you as much as possible to achieve this.

The HOME BASE BUILDING & RENOVATING COURSE is conducted by a qualified builder. It consists of a mixture of theory and practice and will enable you to use your new found knowledge to build or renovate your home that suits your lifestyle and budget.

The next course commences May 25 for 8 weeks at a cost of $225.50 per person, or $330 per couple.

The CERAMIC TILING COURSE is very popular with do-it-yourself renovators and gives all the information you need from tile selection, setting out the tiles for your wall or floor installation, right through to grouting and sealing.

The next 5-week course starts on May 22 and costs $198 per person