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55 Salvado Road - Cnr Harborne Street
Subiaco WA 6008

If you're building, renovating or simply looking to aquire knowledge to improve your home, Home Base Expo has a range of courses and seminars that are just what you need to complete the job confidently! The courses are specifically structured to teach you exactly what you need to know to succeed at your home improvement projects while being enjoyable to attend at Perth's Home Base Subiaco. This includes learning the necessary foundations to overcome and avoid common problems in home building & renovations. Unfortunately many people fail in their home building and renovating projects because they simply did not know enough to succeed. Building & renovating should be exciting not disappointing and the Home Base Expo courses can help you as much as possible to achieve this. For example, The HOME BASE INTERIOR DESIGN COURSES allow you to make excellent design decisions for your home. It consists of a mixture of theory and practice and will enable you to use your new found knowledge to design a home that suits your lifestyle and budget. There are Morning and Evening courses available.

  Of course, building or renovating your own home isn't quite as easy as most people would like it to be. So Home Base Expo has devised and produced the Building & Renovating Guide. This fabulous publication allows you to follow each stage of the building process and also includes a glossary of building terms so you won't get caught up in technical jargon along the way. The three-volume set costs just $99. You'll Find Home Base Expo at  55 Salvado Road in Subiaco. Check out the Home Base Expo website by following the link above or call them on 9388 1088.