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85 Guthrie Street
Osborne Park WA 6017

Style Plantation showrooms are lined from the ceiling to the ground with the fantastic range of regrowth timber products they sell. Bamboo flooring has won the hearts of a lot of people and comes in coffee or natural color, gloss or semi gloss.

Bamboo is an environmentally friendly property that can be ready for harvest in only 5 years. Once it's processed it's very stable and a very tough timber but still flexible and easy to work with.
But it's not only the Bamboo range of regrowth timbers that Style Plantation is famous for; they also sell Paulownia and Poplar.

Paulownia timber has an excellent working characteristic, being easy to plane, saw or carve.
Like Bamboo Paulownia is a regrowth timber product that has been used for centuries in Japan and China and is now starting to be adapted into Western applications.

So why Bamboo you might ask?

Well here are a few reasons:
There's minimal waste and pollution in Bamboo and regrowth timber harvesting.
Bamboo comes from renewable timber plantations.
It's a very hard timber.
Very stable under humid and dry conditions.
It's retardant against termites, fire, sunlight, chemical stains, scuffing and indentation.
Bamboo flooring is allergy free and glued and sealed with non-toxic water based urethane glues and finishes and really does look stunning.

Style Plantation Showrooms

488 Scarborough Beach Road
Osborne Park
Phone: 08 9244 1655

15/21 Joondalup Drive
Phone: 08 9301 5966

Shop 6, 270 Leach Hwy
Phone: 08 9330 1960

And the latest WA showroom located at:
144 Blaire st