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This Weeks Episode of Home in WA

Tony Smith



08 9359 3300

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143 Chisholm Crescent
Kewdale WA 6105

It's Australian through and through….it's tough and has a big heart…and covers the ground lightly and with amazing power.

Richard Repp this week introduces, DINGO… Australian designed and made AND the world's leading mini digger. Richard is a partner in a busy building company, Perum Building and the company includes the DINGO as part of essential equipment on almost every building site.

The DINGO has come a long way since it was first produced as a "motorised wheelbarrow" back in the early 1980's. Since Gary and Wendy Briggs bought the business in 1991, DINGO's Queensland factory has developed and produced almost 4000 DINGOS for the Australian and overseas markets.

Another remarkable development is that there are now at least 60 attachments that are so simple to interchange, that DINGO is ideal for a huge range of home-handyman jobs; almost essential for building sites particularly with tight access; and a terrific option if your thinking of setting up as a contractor, anywhere in WA.

There are DINGO buckets, posthole diggers; rotary hoes; trenchers; rippers and levellers and many more.

Despite it's tremendous power, the DINGO'S compact size makes it easy to transport by trailer or on the back of a ute. And the specialised DINGO trailers are set up to securely carry all the usual attachments.

Richard puts DINGO through its paces, lifting limestone blocks and moving spoil with ease. It's just on a metre wide so it can fit down most pathways and certainly driveways. It's simple to operate and moves easily across the ground, so there'll be no anguish about tearing up your manicured lawns.

There are around 20 hire outlets throughout Perth and suburbs and some 20 contractors if you have a job to be done where DINGO fits the bill and you need a contractor to do it for you. Our friends throughout country WA are well looked after with hire centres and contractors from Busselton to Geraldton and many points in between.

To inspect the DINGO mini-digger range, call in to the DINGO Perth office at 143 Chisholm Crescent in Kewdale, just off Roe Highway or call DINGO Australia 9359 3300 for more information.