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This Weeks Episode of Home in WA

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This Weeks Episode of Home in WA

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Getting a loan for anything these days can be a confusing process. The Loans Café takes all the "hit and miss" out of the equation.

Managing Director, Anne-Marie Syme, former President of the Mortgage Industry Assoc of Australia, makes it so easy to understand the finance maze and the industry here in W.A. is very tightly regulated for people's peace of mind.

Legislation varies from state to state but in W.A. The Loans Café set the standard. So there is no likelihood of anything going amiss at any stage of the process.

When borrowing money The loans Café really make a difference. For instance on any given day the very same borrower may be able to borrow 120k from Bank A; 180k from Bank B; and $200,000 plus from a building society.

The same person with the same repayment capabilities, and yet there are many options. Check with The Loans Café first.

Once The Loans Café has provided us with the best deal, the next step is mortgage insurance. Without it, many first home buyers just wouldn't be able to get into their own home.

Mortgage Insurance simply allows us to borrow more money without us having to wait until we have a sizeable deposit, so we can own our home sooner.

The Loans Café will look after you throughought the confusing loan and interest rate issues. Their service is free and independent.