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This Weeks Episode of Home in WA

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This is the time of year when we're waiting for the first rains and thinking about the dreaded task of cleaning out the gutters. A build of leaves and silt will cause blockages and eventually, cause the gutters and downpipes to rust. And replacement can be expensive.

The "Hedgehog Gutter Protection System" is a simple and effective way of protecting your gutters and therefore your home. The Hedgehog resembles a large bottle brush that fits into the gutter and can be shaped by merely bending or cutting it. Because the Hedgehog is brush-like, it catches smaller particles in its bristles while also preventing leaves from entering the gutter.

The "Hedgehog Gutter Protection System" is made from UV protected polypropylene and is expected to last for around 20 years. The brushes come in one metre lengths and cost around $15 per metre. They're available in a variety of sizes and suit most home guttering systems.

When Autumn comes along, followed by winter rains, the fallen leaves sit on top of the Hedgehog Protection System, while allowing the water to flow through.

When the water dries the leaves become lighter and most of them are blown away by the wind. While the Hedgehog will assist in keeping your gutters gunk-free, it is still important to clean silt out once it builds up to around 10-12 mm. As for the Hedgehogs, just lift them out, given them a shake and replace them in the guttering.

Blocked gutters can cause many problems around the house… Water damage to foundations, gutters pulling free of rotting face boards, internal flooding in walls and ceilings, and general erosion around the home. Damaged guttering can be quite costly to fix, but with a little help from a Hedgehog, this can be prevented.

You'll find the Hedgehog Gutter Protection System at most Bunnings outlets and better hardware stores. For more information, check out the HOME in WA website or phone 1800 288 747