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Bore water can leave ugly stains on your house, driveway, walls and fences, dragging down the look and even the market value of your entire home. So, what's the solution?

IronKleen from Irvine Industries is a mild acid product that dissolves rust stains in no time. You simply brush onto the stain, wait till it disappears and then hose off. You can use IronKleen yourself or Irvine Industries can recommend a contractor to come out and do the job for you.

Bore water stains are basically caused by iron in the water. Once the iron hits the air it oxidises and forms rust, which is why the stains are that rusty red colour. Irvine Industries has a way to prevent your bore water from ever leaving another stain.

They'll install the NoStain Bore Controller, which automatically injects a unique solution into the bore. The StainStopper solution attaches itself to the iron particles in the water and stops the iron from oxidising once it hits the air so, no more rust and no more stains.

The unit itself requires very little maintenance and it uses no electricity because it works using water pressure from the bore. There's a couple of filters that need regular cleaning and you simply need to top up the StainStopper solution when it gets low. You can do all this yourself or you can get Rod to come out and service the unit for you.

As for bacterial iron; the stains are caused by bacteria already in the ground, so treatment is ongoing. The first step is to clean out the bore to get rid of any existing contamination. Then, Irvine Industries has another solution BoreSaver Liquid - that gets injected into the bore once a week or so to prevent the bacteria from returning.

If the NoStain Bore Controller sounds like the ideal cleaning solution for your bore water stains, you can get a unit installed on a trial basis for a nominal fee, so that you can try before you buy.

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