Water Wise Rebate Scheme

This Weeks Episode of Home in WA

The Water Corporation


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This week, HOME in WA commences a feature series on the Waterwise Rebate Program.

This initiative is part of the WA Government's Water Strategy Incentive Program. Its aim is to encourage West Australians to become more water efficient by offering rebates for a variety of waterwise products that can significantly reduce our domestic water use.

We start the series by talking with the Premier, Dr. Geoff Gallop, who briefly explains the State Water Strategy and how the Waterwise Rebate Program fits into the overall picture.
Since being introduced in February 2003, the Waterwise Rebate Program has proved to be extremely successful.

As a result, the program has been extended and rebates are now available for waterwise tap timers, AAA-rated in-tap flow regulators, soil wetting agents, greywater re-use systems and aerobic treatment units, AAA-rated showerheads, AAAA-rated washing machines, rainwater tanks and garden bores.

The Waterwise Rebates are available for purchases made after 11 February 2004 and completed by 10 February 2005 (subject to Terms and Conditions)

Products for which a rebate is applicable include:

  • Tap Timers

  • In-Tap Flow Regulators

  • Soil Wetting Agents

  • Showerheads with a AAA rating

  • Washing Machines rated AAAA and above

  • Domestic Garden Bores

  • Domestic Rainwater Tanks with a capacity of 600 litres and above.

  • Domestic Greywater Reuse Systems

  • Domestic Aerobic Treatment Units

  • For more information about the Waterwise Rebate Program , contact the Water Corporation on 1300 133 646 or follow the link on the HOME in WA website.