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Heating your home is a long-term investment so before you even begin looking at heating systems, there are a few things you should consider. For instance, how will future lifestyle changes affect your heating needs?

Think ahead and purchase a system that fulfils your current needs as well as your future ones. And keep in mind that a good heating system increases the value of your home. The money you spend now is sure to pay off later.

Natural gas ducted heating is without a doubt one of the most efficient ways to heat your entire home.

The heating unit draws air from inside your house into a return air grille. From there it then flows into the heater where it is warmed, and then to every room of your home via outlets, in the form of warm gentle air.

Alinta and Seeley have developed a new partnership to help many West Australian's with Asthma. For every Braemar natural gas ducted heating unit sold in WA, $100 will be provided to the Asthma Foundation of WA.

Alinta and Braemar are offering you the chance to win a gas ducted heating system and a complementary evaporative cooling system to suit your home valued at up to $8000. For your chance to win look out for the Autumn edition of the Advantages Magazine out now.