Haunted Mansion Competition

HOME in WA, in conjunction with film distributors, Buena Vista International, is delighted to give viewers the chance to win one of 50 double passes to the new Eddie Murphy action-comedy, Haunted Mansion.

As is usual, whenever Murphy appears in a movie, there's lots of action and the special effects by Rick Baker are really quite amazing. Co-stars are Terrence Stamp, Nathaniel Parker, Marsha Thomason and Jennifer Tilly. Haunted Mansion is from the Disney studios and is directed by Robb Minkoff and produced by Don Hahn.

The movie is set in Gracey Mansion. Once a lavish 19th century home, it has laid dormant for hundreds of years, after a curse was placed on the mansion and all its inhabitants ... but someone forgot to tell Jim Evers (Eddie Murphy) and his family.

The Evers have stumbled upon the mansion and into a house full of 999 ghosts, skeletons, trap doors and hidden passages! They must confront the ghoulish inhabitants in order to break the mansion's curse, if they are to make it out alive. Throughout their encounters, the Evers learn that anything can be overcome by a family's courage, love and trust.