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One of the joys of living in Western Australia is relaxing in a swimming pool in your own garden. From November right through until at least the end of March, it's THE entertainment centre for thousands of WA families.

But believe it or not, pools do have their downside and today, we'll find one certain way of getting much more out of your pool.

Pools can take a lot of upkeep….like forever scooping leaves particularly when autumn comes around. Then there's the continual water top-up especially in our hot and windy summer conditions, evaporation can see the water level drop a staggering 2 metres in a year.

Of course, the more you add new water, the more you need to top up the chemicals in the pool…all very wasteful AND expensive. And the same wind that evaporates the water also reduces the water temperature by many degrees.

Well we've found a way to control leaves and other rubbish….to control water and chemical loss through evaporation AND extend your enjoyment in the pool by many weeks every year by keeping your pool warmer…up to 10 degrees warmer! The solution is an Elite Pool Cover.

An Elite Pool Blanket is the most cost-efficient method of increasing your summer pool fun by up to 3 months with free heat from the sun.

It's all to do with the exclusive flat bubble profile of the Elite Pool Blanket. Designed and produced here in WA by the company's owner, John Webb in 1989, the blankets are made from superior quality plastic fabric and their dark blue and green colours are both appealing and up to 10 per cent more effective than any other pool blanket.

The Elite Solar Blanket becomes a giant solar energy collector. The sun's energy passes easily through the blanket, heating the water underneath and the trapped heat remains in the pool where you want it.

An Elite solar blanket can:

  • Increase your pool temperature by up to 10°c

  • Reduce chemical costs

  • Keep your pool cleaner

  • Virtually eliminate water evaporation

  • Reduce heat loss by up to 75% on heated pools

Elite Pool Covers is the company that developed solar blanket products for commercial swimming pools including the World Swimming Championships at Challenge Stadium in Perth. That experience has helped Elite to refine their range to be the most appealing and effective available.

Elite's unique blankets will fit any shape pool and there's another important part of Elite's unique product range.

The blankets are available with or without Elite's lightweight handy storage rollers. Again, another first from Elite as it's Australia's only fully mobile roller system. The are a number of models to choose from. The popular Elite Easy Roller™ , is a simple and inexpensive device which makes it possible for one person to fit or remove a pool cover with ease.

So spend more time doing what you want to do and less time cleaning your pool. Phone Elite for a free measure and quote on 9244 9912 or follow the link on the Home in WA website for more information.

Elite Pool Covers, Australia's leading pool cover manufacturer… you'll find them, at 37 Howe Street in Osborne Park .