Kreepy Krauly - Competition Winner

Congratulations to Jane Johnston of Quairading, who has won the bonus Home in WA Kreepy Krauly competition.

Jane's name was first out of the barrel from all WA entries received up to December 5 for the WA.

Jane will receive her purchase price back in full, after buying a fabulous Kleva Kleena, which qualified her for entry into the competition and now Jane has a FREE Kleva Kleena, just in time for Christmas!

The great news is Jane, that you go back into the draw for a chance at $10,000 in solid old ,when the national winner is drawn in March

Remember everyone still has time to enter the national Kreepy Krauly competition, by purchasing either a Kreepy Krauly or Kleva Kleena. So contact your local pool shop or Kreepy Krauly, for a FREE home demonstration and if you buy, YOU could win $10,000 in solid gold.