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Derek Thorogood


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Unit 3, 31 Crocker Drive
Malaga WA 6025

Since 1989, Veejay's has been improving and adding value to hundreds of homes in Western Australia, delighting customers with its "Success Through Service" program, and making a valued contribution to the industry.

In fostering a strong commitment to provide a level of customer service that would set Veejay's apart from others in the industry, they adopted a motto early in their establishment that has been a driver for the company.

"Success Through Service"

More than just a motto, Veejay's embarked on a program to create a positive and memorable experience that they could consistently deliver for each of their customers.

This program ensures that all of Veejay's staff and tradesmen understand the value of the service they provide, that they are empowered to respond to each customer's situation, and that they have the ability to work as a team to promote efficiency and productivity.

When hundreds of customers were questioned in an independent survey (Octover 1999) the feedback received by the Quality Business Institute (QBI) revealed that Veejay's provided an exceptional service, operated with integrity, dealt with customers in a considerate manner, completed work on time, employed quality tradesmen, and attended to problems promptly.

As a consequence of such an impressive result, Veejay's was awarded membership to the QBI with the exemplary honour of "Customer Service Excellence Status". Further in 1999, they were the recipients of the "Customer Service Excellence Award."

Not only have Veejay's led the way in customer service, but also in shaping the industry itself. With a strong desire to have industry work standards established, and to recognise the professional status of Kitchen and Bathroom designers they championed the establishment of the WA branch of National Kitchen and Bathroom Association (NKBA).

To this end, Derek Thorogood (Business Partner) became the first Certified Kitchen Designer (AUS) in WA back in 1992. Later in 1995, thanks to the Housing Industry Association (HIA), who administer the NKBA. Veejay's now have a flourishing group to attend to the needs of members and customers alike.

In addition, Veejay's have worked hard to create a showroom that not only highlights the quality of their workmanship and design capabilities, but also boasts an extensive range of fittings and products. Utilising their showroom facility makes the selection of design, colour and products a relatively simple task.

For most people, undertaking a Kitchen or Bathroom renovation is a once-in-a-lifetime event. The staff at Veejay's understand just how daunting and stressful this can be. With their collective wealth of knowledge and experience, Veejay's aim to make to process of renovating as pleasurable as it can be, from the first phone call through to the final inspection.

By partnering with the professionals, you can be assured of making informed choices to suit your needs.