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There are four genuine Kreepy Krauly models to suit different pools and different budgets. The basis of each Kreepy Krauly is the ingenious design of having only one moving part, which is the flow valve, and this is guaranteed from 10 to 15 years depending on the model.

The Kreepy Krauly has a four way cleaning action, it actually sweeps, scrubs and vacuums each pools floors and walls. Every Kreepy Krauly also has an Autoskim surface skimmer, which constantly removes leaves and debris from the water surface.

And you won't need any extra pumps or plumbing as the Kreepy Krauly works when your pool pump works.

The Klever Kleena is a great addition to the Kreepy Krauly family. It's a compact pool cleaner able to get in all the nooks and crannies of your pool. It's guaranteed not to get stuck as it's programmed to automatically maneuver around stairs, corners and ladders. It's a case of installing it and forgetting about it!

Summer is about fun, pools are for enjoyment and relaxation, NOT CLEANING!!! Leave that to the Kreepy Krauly. So join the other 2 million Kreepy Krauly owners around the world and kick back and enjoy your summer!