Mariners Cove

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This development may well be the last of the canal lots ever developed in Mandurah. First established in 1998, this estate has the romantic name of "Mariners Cove". The project has two distinct precincts, one with around 550 traditional and cottage lots, the other with 350 canal lots. The canal precinct is now known as " The Islands at Mariners Cove"

More than 300 traditional and cottage lots have been released and to date all but 18 have sold.. And still a further 250 lots go.

On the other hand 92 canal lots have been released to date and all but 26 have been sold. Again there are approximately a further 250 canal lots to be made available. These may well be the last canal lots ever developed in Mandurah.

The developers have undertaken significant revegetation work and public access and viewing facilities within the conservation reserve, also located near Mariners Landing. The reserve is open to the residents and general public.