This Weeks Episode of Home in WA

Mark Moyle


TERMIWatch is a fantastic new product for the detection of destructive termites - before they get into your home!

Available exclusively from Bunnings stores, the easy to install 'kit' contains 24 traps which contain probably the most tempting wood a termite loves to eat.

These 24 monitoring stations are placed around the home and are checked on a monthly basis to detect any activity. The traps won't encourage any new termites to the area, but they will attract any existing termites in the soil around you home to the Manjimup blue gum, thereby alerting the home owner, if the need arises to call in an exterminator.

There's no chemicals and it's an inexpensive environmentally friendly way to keep your home safe and sound.

But the D.I.Y. kit and follow the instructions - and if you are on-line, TERMIWatch will e-mail you a CHECK NOW reminder each month.