Zincalume Steel - By BHP

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A brilliant invention launched in Australia in 1976, is now setting the highest standards in the Australian building industry. Great design flexibility, coupled with corrosion resistance and long life has produced a building materials that's ideal for the tough West Australian climate.

ZINCALUME® Steel was developed by BHP Steel after extensive research into methods of improving the performance of traditional 'galvanised iron'. The company discovered that by blending aluminium with zinc in an alloy coating, corrosion protection could be greatly enhanced. In fact, ZINCALUME® steel has a lifetime of up to four times that of galvanised steel under the same conditions.

BHP has continually improved the process for producing ZINCALUME steel. Its well known silver-spangled surface is a familiar face across Australia found on all kinds of building and manufactured products needing a high level of corrosion resistance. The surface has an even smoother feel and a superb satin finish. Most importantly, rollformers, manufacturers, fixers, engineers and builders have a product which is of the highest quality.

Its versatility and benefits have resulted in ZINCALUME steel becoming a familiar part of the Australian way of life. From the latest in modern building design, through to roofing the traditional Australian homestead. Its applications are endless. From roofing and walling, garage doors, electrical cabinets, 'white goods' home appliances ... as steel house framing. Not to mention guttering, automotive mufflers and press-formed components.

The Aluminium/Zinc coating on ZINCALUME steel provides remarkable corrosion resistance, protecting the steel base in two ways. First, it provides a tough physical barrier between extreme atmospheric conditions and the inner core of steel. Next, it protects the steel at cut edges and scratches.

When purchasing any steel product, it's good to know the manufacturer stands behind it. When you look at any sheet of ZINCALUME steel, you'll see it's branded. This means the ZINCALUME steel you purchase can be tracked through production by line number and date of manufacture. You can be assured it's of the highest quality every time, produced and backed by BHP Steel with a 50 year warranty.