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Eddy Ciciriello / Marc Stubbs



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If you're building or renovating and haven't got room for the backyard pool you've always dreamed of, why not think about a spa as a very practical alternative?

A spa will not only add value to your home, you'll also get the added benefit of your very own relaxation therapy at home. A spa is great for a quick cool-down on a hot summer's day, or for a long soak in a steamy tub on a cold winter's night.

To make sure you get to use your spa all year round, Spa Gear has a natural gas alternative that's economical to run, compact, and most of all, performs better than electric systems. The wall-mounted system will save you space, time and running costs without sacrificing performance.

A spa is a great addition to any new or existing home and heating your spa with gas will ensure that you get to use your spa whenever you like winter or summer.

For information on Spa Gear heaters, give them a call on 9478 5889. Or drop them an e-mail via the Home in WA website.