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Termitrust Pest Control


On Home in WA, we like to think that over the last four years or so, we been able to pass on some excellent product information and helpful and important advice to make your Home in WA a better place for your family. Of all that advice, there has been none more important than protection against termites. Termites are the biggest threat to Australian homes, causing an estimated $100 million dollars damage each year. That's more than fires, floods, cyclones and storms combined…and remember, home insurance does not cover termite damage.


According to independent surveys, an average of 1 in 5 homes is invaded by termites. So it's vitally important to provide the best protection possible against this serious threat to you home


The Termimesh network throughout Australia is recognised for providing the highest quality termite barriers for new homes. So that's a strong recommendation when you're building from scratch. But once you have built your home, or like me, buying an existing property, there is the important requirement of periodic observation.


Again, that's where Termimesh can help. Because as Australia's leading termite control specialists Termimesh also provide quality termite and pest control services for existing homes. With Termitrust Pest Control (formerly Termimesh Pest Management) you can be assured that reliable, effective advice and service will provide the best solution for your termite and other pest problems as well.


Termitrust technicians take the time to inspect all assessable areas of your home and use the latest techniques to locate and treat termite activity. You will be provided with a comprehensive report of our inspections and treatments. The company will explain exactly what areas are to be inspected, the most appropriate method of treatments and all associated costs.


For more information contact your State or local Service Centre.