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In the first of two special features on Geraldton & the Mid West, David Grant talks with Rob Jefferies, Chief Executive Officer of the City of Geraldton, about the immense changes taking place in Geraldton and the surrounding Greenough Shire.

We discover that Geraldton was first established as a municipality more than 130 years ago in 1871 and was proclaimed a City in 1988. With a permanent population of approximately 21,500 plus 7.500 more in the Greenough Shire, Geraldton is well an truly "on the move"

A foreshore redevelopment programme will relocate the railway line which presently separates the Geraldton CBD from the shores of Champion Bay upon which the city is based. The first stage of the massive works programme is underway at a cost estimated at $14 million, but it is believed the entire foreshore agenda will cost around $80 million.

The other major works agenda is the deepening of the port, to enable large shipping such as giant ore carriers to significantly increase Geraldton's trade potential. In the year 1999/2000, 240 ships passed through the port exporting cargo weighing 4 million tonnes. The new port profile will greatly enhance shipping potential and open up the vast iron ore mining resources in the mid west region.