West Steel Sheds

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296 Rlace Road
Geraldton WA 6530

The past five years has seen enormous changes in Geraldton and from those in the know, there'll be even more in the next 5-10 years.

And riding along with those changes are new vibrant businesses. Like West Steel Sheds, which was established in 1997 fabricating a wide range of steel sheds for a multitude of uses Barns & Housing; Commercial and Industrial and for the housing of farm machinery.

West Steel Sheds use only the best of materials, high quality steel sections from BHP Steel, formed by one of Australia's leading companies, Stramit.

The company can supply anywhere in Western Australia and can arrange installation through a network of expert contractors

Shed construction in WA has largely been fabricated on site using welded steel, but West Steel Sheds use Portal trusses and sections that are bolted together on site

One other major aspect clearly sets West Steel Sheds apart from the opposition. A specially designed computer software package allows customers to choose a range of options, including size (anything from 3metres to 30 metres in length), door and window profiles, roof style and colour.

The design is costed immediately and a quote is available there and then. Delivery on site is then available between 2 and 3 weeks from ordering

For more information on West Steel Sheds or to discuss your design requirements, call in to their central office at 296 Place Road in Geraldton or phone toll free throughout Western Australia on 1800 333 310