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Graeme Baesjou



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The Commission supports the Mid West community in two ways by identifying and promoting the introduction of projects and initiatives that accelerate economic developments in the region and by responding to requests for assistance from business, industry, local government and community groups in the region.

The Commission welcome approaches from business, industry, local government and community groups in the region for assistance with particular projects and initiatives.

The Commission support new and emerging industries to become established, working closely with industry based bodies.

The Commission can help communities identify their needs for government services and assist them secure an appropriate level of those services.

The Commission can provide valuable information on business capability and potential growth opportunities in the region to match development needs.

The Commission have the ability to lobby government on behalf of businesses, industry groups and communities and can arrange business advice or assistance in areas such as exporting, strategic planning, product development etc particularly through our Industry Assistance Centre and Export Resource Centre.

Most importantly the Commission has information, access and contact built up through our staff's experience, skills and knowledge. These staff are available to assist businesses or individuals with development proposals.

In this second week of the special feature on Geraldton and the Mid West, David Grant talks with Graeme Baesjou, Chief Executive Officer of the Mid West Development Commission.

Mr. Baesjou discusses the Commission's vital role and responsibilities in the rapid expansion of Geraldton, the surrounding Shire of Greenough and the Mid West region as a whole.

Whilst there are many positive changes occurring, such as the Geraldton Foreshore Redevelopment and the Port Enhancement project, Graeme Baesjou explains the important measures being considered to ensure that adequate planning takes place to cope with the growth expected in the region over the next decade and beyond.

David also looks at the work being undertaken by the Geraldton Port Authority in overseeing the dredging of Champion Bay which will allow much greater movement of shipping into the Geraldton port. Dredging is almost complete after which the main shipping channel will increase from a depth of 9.1 metres at low tide to 11.5 metres allowing access for much larger shipping.

The municipality of Geraldton was established in 1871 but mining in the surrounding area made Champion Bay upon which Geraldton was settled, the only major port north of Fremantle in WA. Today, the Geraldton Grain Port Zone is a vital part of the Mid-West business community from mining to farming and fishing. The year 1999/2000 saw 248 ships pass through the port carrying nearly 4 million tonnes of cargo. And those annual figures are set to increase enormously, with the Port Enhancement Project is completed early 2004