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Keeping your cool at times can be difficult - but there is little worse than not being able to keep warm when winter sets in, and winter isn't far off now

Webb and Brown Neaves is an AlintaGas Energy-Wise builder and their " "Somerset" display home at Hillarys is a perfect example of how natural, AlintaGas is the perfect way to heat your home. For a start it's reliable, economical and instant! But there's more…

As you know, with Easter here, the cold weather is just around the corner BUT, AlintaGas can very easily show you how to stay warm cheaply and so easily. See the very popular and extremely efficient Log Effect fire heater which really sets a mood of cosy, relaxed elegance, right throughout the home. It's a great example of how gas is THE way to heat your home for so many reasons.

There are so many choices of natural gas heating available to us, it's well worth a trip to one of the many Kleenheat Gas Houses to check out the many options of radiant or convection heating.