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Almost two years ago to the day, we introduced you to the modern sophisticated answer to the rusty corrugated iron water tank. 21st century technology has been used in designing and developing a range of polyethelene tanks developed by West Coast Poly, a proud West Australian company. This now means that country AND city folk can all enjoy pure, safe, rain water 12 months of the year

We showed you last time…the revolutionary 1500 litre Slimline Urban Tank, designed by West Coast Poly to fit under the eaves of the conventional city home.

Now two more additions to the West Coast Poly range…one smaller at 720 litres and one slightly larger than the Slimline tank with a capactity of 2,500 litres

West Coast Poly make their range of water tanks at their Canning Vale plant using state-of-the-art technology. Their rotar moulding machine was built in Australia specifically for West Coast Poly.

A special chemical composition is fed into the moulding machine and mixed thoroughly much like a kitchen blender. The apparatus is then wheeled into this huge oven where it is heated to 220 degrees Centigrade for 40 to 45 minutes. That liquefies the powder and forms the polyethelene shape of the water tank.

Storage of water in West Coast Poly tanks has passed strict Australian Standards with flying colours. The tough polyethelne construction stands up to severe impact testing that would leave many similar materials cracked or shattered.

There are no joints, the tanks won't rust and there is no maintenance. In fact, every West Coast Poly tank comes with a 20 year guarantee

West Coast Poly tanks come in a range of colours that have been designed to complement modern architectural finishes including steel and tile roofing and exterior paint colours .

When the tank is empty, it is light and easily moved, meaning that you can change its location from the side of the house to a patio for example at any time…you can even take it with you if you move house.

West Coast Poly prices start from just $385 for the new 720 litre litre tank with various sizes up to 23,000 litres at the top of rural tanks range

Contact West Coast Poly on 9456 5888 or Freecall 1800 555 185. And when you do, make sure you ask about the current "Water wise" rebates