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This Weeks Episode of Home in WA

Eddy Ciciriello / Marc Stubbs



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Perth WA 6846

Scott Park Homes now has the warmest display homes in the business having teamed up with ALINTA and installed Braemar ducted gas heating systems in nearly all of their display homes.

Ducted gas heating, using clean efficient ALINTA gas is the Rolls Royce of heating, providing that wrap around warmth, and if you combine it with ducted evaporative air cooling, it can be cheaper to install than ducted reverse cycle systems and can be up to 69% cheaper to run!

The efficient heating unit resides out of sight in the roof cavity, preventing any emissions from entering your living areas.

Outlets and vents can be installed in almost all areas of the home, so you can wake up to a warm and toasty home by just pre-setting the desired temperature and programming the timer. To make enquiries on installation or any gas query contact ALINTA NETWORKS on the number above

OR to see and feel all the benefits of ducted gas heating, visit an ALINTA display centre or a Scott Park display home.