Design Ink - Wyn Johnson

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Wyn Johnson



08 9470 3173

0412 773 424

32 Teddington Road
Victoria Park WA 6100

Wyn Johnson at DESIGN INK has been honing his trade for around 25 years to emerge as one of the state's most innovative and imaginative building designers. Highly awarded, Wyn excells in the invoative designs using steel and unusual techniques.

From simple additions, alterations and restorations right through to designing and building unique 'one off' luxury homes and developments. There are no limitations to what this mind will come up with.. and it's all about the creative blend of materials, form and colour.

Soon Wyn and the HOME in WA team will embark on a fabulous project demonstrating his fabulous skills and culminating in construction of a 'holiday home' structure that will appeal and be practical at the same time.

And whether it's a luxury home.. holiday home.. or you're just looking for some different ideas.. the end result is always exceptional. Wyn Johnson...give him a call today if you want something uniquely special.