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This Weeks Episode of Home in WA

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This Weeks Episode of Home in WA

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A little over 12 months ago we found a product that proved to be of tremendous interest to everyone who has poly pipe reticulation on their property both in the home garden, on small hobby farms, in one of our magnificent vineyards and to you delightful people on broad acreage throughout WA.

Joining and mending poly piping is very time consuming and expensive. Connectors, elbows and tee-sections can cost a small fortune. The other thing too is, that split pipes can lie under the surface and go undetected, resulting in the loss of precious water.

All those problems have been solved by the Hotbutt Poly Pipe welder, a simple, West Australian invention that eliminates spending time and money on all those jointing and waste water situations. The power from your 12-volt car battery is all you need to join or mend any break or extend any length in your poly pipe run. And that's fantastic when you're out in the field and far away from your 240 volt power source.

Now, thanks to another West Australian company called Polyline Industries, there's a second application of the Hotbutt Welder available to heavy industry…. the new Hotbutt poly pipe welder M110....NOW THIS WELDER IS BIG!...and can weld a much heavier guage pipe up to 100cmin Diameter. Great for industrial, big farm or minning operations.

Dave Wilkie is the man behind Polyline and he talks to David Grant about his first awareness of Hotbutt technology after watching Home in WA in April last year. Dave Wilkie contacted the Hotbutt Company with a view to extending the technique for use in the Mining industry in particular and heavy industry in general. The resulting joint R&D saw the final development of the M110. CONTACT HOTBUTT for further information.