Concrete Taxi

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Availability of small amounts of concrete has always been a problem, with most of the ready-mixed suppliers not being geared for the small end of the market.

If you need large amounts of concrete, use the ready-mixed companies. Concrete Taxi specialises in small jobs, such as garage floors, pathways, shed floors, footings and those small infill jobs.

Concrete taxi can be very effective and cost efficient when compared to mixing yourself, particularly when you calculate the cost and time of hiring a mixer and getting raw materials to site. The labour involved is then magnified as the mixing procedure is undertaken one of the easiest ways to empty a room is to mention you are looking for help with concrete!

The concrete taxi system allows for a number of issues, including time on site and the variation in estimating quantities required.

The concrete taxi can carry up to 1.5 cu.m. on board and mixes 2 wheelbarrow loads every six minutes, allowing ample time for the barrowing and laying of the concrete in most circumstances. The taxi mixer can be slewed out to pour directly into the job where possible. The taxi also has a wheelbarrow on board for the use of customers if desired.

Because of the mix on site format, the concrete taxi mixes to fill the hole even experienced builders can be out with estimating concrete, particularly with irregular shaped holes. When booking a job Concrete taxi ask for a guess, as they mix on site and charge accordingly. Pay only for what you need, there is virtually no left over and no messy piles of sand or aggregate to contend with at completion of the job.

The size of the concrete taxi allows access to most sites, with a lower weight than ready-mixed trucks and being not much larger than a standard car bay, the taxi is made for those tight or difficult to access sites. Discuss any site issues when booking, this can assist in deciding which truck to send to a particular site.

The mix on site format also allows for our of hours work night mixes can be undertaken by arrangement, the largest job done to date at night involved the use of both trucks for a combined output of 3.2 cu.m. of concrete.