Colorbond Steel By Lysaght

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With the winter rain really setting in, now's the ideal time to make sure your roof is standing up to the elements. If it's not, or even if it's just looking a little the worse for wear, you might want to consider replacing your old roof.

A Colorbond Steel roof is a stylish addition to any home and re-roofing in Lysaght Custom Orb is a great way to instantly bring an old home up-to-date.

A Colorbond Steel roof resists hail, cracking, chipping and peeling, and provides superior corrosion resistance that has been proven to look newer for longer. And re-roofing your home with a Colorbond Steel roof from Lysaght is simpler than you might think.

There are now 21 colours in the Colorbond Steel range so there's sure to be one that'll look great at your place. Rain, hail or shine, your Colorbond Steel roof from Lysaght is guaranteed for 25 years.