WAECO Fridge / Freezers

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07 5507 6000

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21 Taree Street
West Burleigh Heads QLD 4220

The WAECO company has been building portable fridge's and freezers for just over thirty years and is the worlds largest manufacturer with a range to suit every situation, style and budget.

Their range runs from a handy 5 litre car console unit up to a whopping 112 litres. They also have a stylish range of domestic fridge's and freezers as well as bar fridge's. Each is covered by a 5 year warranty and although made from tough durable materials, good looks haven't been compromised.

The best and most original feature is that they can run on 12, 24 or 240 volts which is incredibly handy for power failures or using on boats or in remote areas. To compliment this feature WAECO make a power unit, which is a spare battery to recharge your fridge overnight, eliminating the need to drain your car battery. These in turn can be charged from your vehicle once your mobile again.

What a feature!

Anyone serious about buying a portable fridge/freezer would be crazy not to check out the fabulous range of WAECO products and they're available at select Camping, 4WD and Marine stores.