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Around 90% of homes in Europe and America have doors and windows made out of an amazing product called UPVC. In production it's comparatively better for the environment, it's also a fully recyclable product not that you'd have a need to recycle it.

Euro Vision doors and windows all come with a lifetime warrantee. The reason Enviro Vision are able to give a lifetime warrantee is:

- UPVC is tough, long lasting ultra-violet and weather resistant.
- 100% UV Stabilised.
- Never requires painting.
- Won't rot, tarnish, flake, fade, dull or yellow.
- Even in the harshest environment, they will retain their perfect finish.

With a single lock on a normal door, it's far easier for intruders to enter you home. The multi locking system on an Enviro Vision door makes it impenetrable. Plus there's steel bars inside the window frame and sash giving added security against forceful entry

So they're fantastic security wise and you also won't get any draughts - plus there's a reduction in outside noise as well.

The double compression seals reduce outside noise by 60 - 80% and ensure that whistling and rattling is a thing of the past!

While your initial outlay will be a little more than the cost of your average door or window, Enviro Vision is worth investigating as the long-term investment makes it far better value.

Did you know that with single glazed windows approximately 47% of heat is lost, because of the double glazing and double seals in Enviro Vision doors and windows you will save around $1000 a year on your energy bill! And the spin off from this being they're much better for the environment.

All Enviro Vision windows are custom made at no extra cost, therefore you can get windows in any style, any size and any shape. Plus, all Enviro Vision windows come with retractable fly screens

So don't come home to a stinking hot house in summer or wake up in a freezing cold house when we have another lot of 3-degree mornings! Save on your energy bills and get a product that's going to last you a lifetime.

You can have a look at the Enviro Vision product at Home Base Expo in Wembly, The Home Ideas Centre in City West or visit their show room in Balcatta.