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It's becoming increasingly important to make sure our homes are energy efficient and new regulations are now in place to make sure we do. But, long before it became a Government initiative, WA builders have been making sure their homes are as environmentally friendly as possible.

And as an environmentally aware organisation Alinta recognises EnergyWise Builders, who install natural gas appliances as standard in all their homes.

One of the first Alinta EnergyWise Builders was Plunkett Homes and this year marks their 100th birthday. Since 1903 Plunkett Homes has held a reputation for innovation. In fact, they were the first builder to introduce gas appliances in display homes. And as a Greensmart Builder they continue to lead the way in the design and construction of new homes.

Plunkett Homes' commitment to the environment is obvious. So, if the environment is an important consideration to you, then consider Plunkett Homes as an environmentally responsible choice.

For more information on the wide range of Plunkett Homes, simply give them a call during business hours, or follow the link from the Home in WA website.