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David investigates how the TMA group - Termimesh, experts in termite prevention and detection, to determine the extent of the damage and try to find a remedy, if there is one.

But as we know prevention is better than cure and the Termimesh system, when installed at construction does just that.
The facts are that Termites in Australia cause more damage to homes than fires and storms combined. Here in WA, estimates show that subterranean termite attack could be as high as one in every three homes. Termites cause extensive damage to the structure of a home or building as well as the fixtures, fittings and even floor coverings.
And normal house insurance does not cover termite damage.

Termimesh is a specifically engineered product employing a durable, premium marine-grade stainless steel mesh that termites cannot penetrate, eat or destroy. The Termimesh System has been extensively tested for over ten years by the world's leading termite experts including CSIRO.

The System is designed and installed by accredited technicians during the early stages of construction. The Termimesh System seals off termite entry points and provides a long-life, poison-free barrier to suit any new home or building no matter what type of construction.

To have the Termimesh System included in your home, simply tell your builder and architect before construction starts that you want the System. The Termimesh Company will then work directly with your builder in the design and installation of the System. The price of the System can be included in your building contract.

Alternatively, you can contact Termimesh who will be pleased to provide an obligation free quote on the installation of the System. Or talk with Termimesh if you too have an existing Termite problem or want your home checked out.