Keep The Duyfken

This week, we're at Fishingboat Harbour at Fremantle on board the Duyfken..this superb full-size replica of the first recorded ship to visit to Australia. The tragic fact is that "The Little Dove" as she is affectionately known, is desperately in need of a HOME IN WA.

This history dates back to 1606…that's nearly four hundred years, when the original Duyfken journeyed from Banda in Holland to the Pennefather River in Queensland. Truly a significant event in Australia's maritime history.

The costs associated with keeping her and housing her have got too much for the Duyfken Replica Foundation and so far, pleas for help have fallen on deaf ears.

We at Home in WA have a special interest in the Duyfken…our Executive Producer, Ron Reddingius has been involved with the project since it commenced..and that process took some 10 years all told….3 years to lovingly build the boat and more than $6 million dollars in funding.

You can help keep the ship in our State by writing to your local State or Federal MP, ringing your local talkback radio station or writing a letter to the editor.

Now is the time for everyone who thinks that community projects such as Duyfken are important to stand up and be counted.

Phone the Duyfken Foundation on 9225 6200 or visit the mooring site at Fishingboat Harbour, Fremantle any time, seven days a week..