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We all know that gas hot water systems are more efficient than electric or electric boosted solar systems, but by reaching for the stars, you could be saving even more on your energy costs.

A Five Star gas hot water system initially costs slightly more than a traditional gas storage hot water system, but with the savings you'll make on your energy bills, the unit will pay for itself in no time. And five star systems also offer other advantages too.

Continuous models incorporate the option of temperature control panels, which means that water is delivered at exactly the desired temperature (without the need to mix hot/cold water). Plus they are compact and visually appealing. Or if you want a storage system, the Rheem Stellar is a funky looking five star gas hot water system that's a popular choice in new homes.

Models in the Five Star gas hot water system range include the Rinai Infinity…Rheem Integrity…Dux Deliverance and the Bosch Electronic range.

If you're building a new home talk to your builder about installing a five star gas hot water system, or if you're thinking of replacing your existing solar or electric system, then there's another advantage to switching to AlintaGas – the Hot Water Advantage payment plan.

The cost of your natural gas hot water system, including installation, is spread over two years. And the payments are simply added to your quarterly AlintaGas bill.