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If you wake up wheezing or with a tight chest, hayfever, itchy or watery eyes, a blocked nose, sneezing or sinus problems, or even eczema, your mattress could be the cause. It could also be aggrevating your asthma.

A double-bed mattress can harbour as many as 1 million dust mites, and, of course, these mites also produce a corresponding amount of excrement. Not a pleasant thought. Scientific evidence indicates that this excrement, or rather, the guanine it contains, is a major cause of allergies and related problems.

The Mitex system was developed in Germany more than 14 years ago to hygienically clean and sanitise your mattress without the use of chemicals.

The Mitex system is simple and quiet, and can be done without removing the mattress from the bed. The patented system uses high frequency waves to loosen and pulverise particles of dust within the mattress and then eliminates them with a high-powered vacuum.

Simultaneously, UVC rays are used to kill bacteria, viruses and spores.

Cleaning only takes about 20 minutes and once your mattress has been treated, you can use it straight away because it's completely dry.

Mitex Mattress Hygienics will gladly come out and do an obligation free test clean. Give Mitex a call to arrange your test clean.

Don't forget to mention Home in WA when you do and if you get two mattresses cleaned, Mitex will clean a third mattress free, so the whole family can get a good night's sleep.