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Recycling has now become a part of our everyday lives. And while it's a great way to reduce your impact on our natural resources, there is another way you can help - by reusing old materials.

Remill specialises in timber re-manufacturing of floorboards, architraves, mouldings, skirtings and custom milled products all made from recycled timber. Their Bayswater remilling factory can turn many pieces of seasoned timber, into a brand new tables, floors, mouldings or benchtops for your home, all exuding great character.

And the advantages of recycled timber are more than just environmental. Remilled timber is more stable than new timber, and it's much richer in colour and character.

Remill source timber from salvage yards and demolition sites, but they don't just pick up any old plank. Much of the timber is originally grown in Western Australia including some Eucalypt varieties unique to our state.

Remill is great for those hard-to-find timbers, too, and if you're extending or renovating an old house, Remill can supply floorboards and mouldings to match. Or if you're building a new home, using recycled timber will add instant character.

The also do Contract Machining and offer a re-sawing service. Contact Colin today, and ask how he can add character to your home.