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Spinach and Bacon Frittata
Serves 4 - 5

Pop down to Joondalup Fresh Markets and get:

1 large onion
3 medium potatoes
4 rashers of bacon
120 gms spinach leaves
6 x 50 gms large THE GOOD EGG. eggs lightly beaten
cup of grated cheddar (optional)
grated Parmesan cheese (optional)
Dash Avocado oil
Salt and pepper

1. Gently warm your pan with avocado oil then place potatoes and onions cook for 6 minutes
2. Add bacon cook for a further 2 minutes
3. Add spinach and stir until wilted
4. Pour in eggs and cook for 10 to 15 seconds
5. Sprinkle over grated cheese if required
6. Transfer mix to a oven proof dish, cook in a pre heated oven 200c for 10 to 15 minutes

Add your own flavours by adding fresh herbs like thyme or chives.

Serve with a green or garden salad.

Mushrooms kilpatrick
Serves 4 (Entree)

See the selection of mushrooms at Joondalup Fresh Market.

4 large field mushrooms
4 to 5 slices of streaky bacon
Dash of West Australian olive oil
Dash Worchester sauce
Salt and pepper

This is a fantastic starter or entrée or just and afternoon snack.

You can do this one in the frying pan I like to do it under the grill this keeps the mushrooms slightly firmer and retaining their great texture.

1. Remove stems of the mushrooms, this will leave a crater
2. Roughly cut the stalks and streaky bacon and place on top of the mushroom
3. Place mushroom onto a oven tray or grill plate
4. Add olive oil then put under a grill on high lightly toast the bacon until crisp and smoky.
5. Serve warm with fresh black pepper and a dash of Worchester sauce