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The recent summer in Australia has produced some of the most devastating bushfires on record

Firefree 88, a fire-resistant paint that can repel an inferno from almost any surface, timber, gyprock plaster, steel, masonry and fibro-cement. And it has been fully tested by CSIRO to stringent Australian standards

It is non-toxic and environmentally friendly and being a water-based latex paint it is easy to apply with brush, roller or airless gun and dries within 4 hours.

Firefree 88 can be used as a primer or finish coat on new or existing surfaces and it provides a one hour fire rating to plasterboard and two hours to brick and masonry.

Firefree 88 is ideal for the family home or unit. It can withstand temperatures up to 1100 degrees Celsius and in a fully painted room with the doors closed, it will contain the fire in that room until it dies from lack of combustible material.

If door edges are painted, the heated paint swells to seal the door and hot gases cannot escape.

And Firefree 88 has dozens of other applications…in schools and commercial centres, in computer and electrical equipment rooms, file storage and engine rooms and caravans and boats, both inside and out. It has also been given approval for use on timber pallets in interior compartments of aeroplanes.

Firefree 88 carries a 20 year guarantee for internal use when applied by a certified applicator. It comes in white and can be tinted to match your existing décor…and one added bonus, you can wash out your brush or roller in water!